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Mixing Potions

The Apothecary of Fanfiction

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Welcome to MixPotions, the Apothecary of Fanfiction. Yet another one of the many themed-writing challenge communities out there.

The basic idea is to write and post fanfiction that mixes at least two genres or story-categories, by using any one of the themes under each category. The aim is for writers to improve on their writing skills by exploring different styles through different genres and ratings of fiction, as well as dealing with various themes, situations and characters for various fandoms.


1- Genre+Theme Mixes: Choose ONE to THREE fanfic genres from the table below. You are then to write a story/fic using ONE specific theme from each of your chosen genres. Themes for each genre can be found by clicking the category name.

01.Action/Adventure 02.Angst 03.AU
04.Crossover 05.Drama 06.Hurt/Comfort
07.General 08.Horror/Supernatural 09.Humor/Comedy
10.Introspection/Character Study 11.Lemon/Lime 12.Mystery/Suspense
13.Parody/Crack 14.Romance/Fluff 15.Sci-fi/Fantasy
16.Smut/PWP 17.Song/Poetry 18.Tragedy/Dark

1.1- There should be NO MORE THAN 3 GENRES, as you will then be working with 3 themes, and that alone would already be too much. You can have minor sub-categories if you like, but only choose 1-3 genres that would be the main focus of your story/fic.

2- Repetitions of Genre+Theme Mixes for each chapter or part of the same or continuing story are not really recommended, but as it may be inevitable, you are allowed to do so. Try, however, to vary your themes even with the same genre.

2.1- Naturally, you may repeat Genre+Theme Mixes for different sets of characters.

3- Interpretation of themes is up to you, we hold no restrictions and/or limitations regarding this. You can be as literal or as metaphorical as you wish; this is a writing exercise after all.

4- There are NO sign-ups. You are free to choose the characters and pairings you want or prefer writing. You don't have to stick with one character or pairing, either. Switch, juggle and vary as you please; it all depends on you which genre+theme combinations suits a particular series or fandom.

5- There are NO restrictions to your choice of fandom and series. Original stories and characters are welcome as well.

6- Length of work is up to you; whether you decide to do a sentence for each theme, a 500 word (or less) drabble or a multi-chaptered story. All completed entries shall be placed in the Memories of this Community.

(*multi-chaptered story: please refer to guidelines # 1.1 & 2)

7- Write whenever you can, however your muses dictate. Please take note though, unless you are a member of this community, you WILL NOT be able to post.


1- Learn to RESPECT each other's works. Absolutely NO FLAMING or BASHING of authors, stories, characters, fandoms, series or anything else related to this community. Review if you wish, but keep it to CONSTRUCTIVE and HELPFUL criticisms.

1.1- As a corollary, writers should at least have their works beta'ed or spell/grammar-checked. It's for your own good too you know.

2- In relation to the above rule: DO NOT PLAGIARISE. I don't suppose I need to explain that.

3- All ratings and relationships (slash, shounen ai/yaoi, shoujo ai/yuri) are accepted. HOWEVER! (and this is *important*, mind) If your work contains graphic adult themes and falls in the NC-17 and R categories, please place them as a LOCKED ENTRY.

3.1- Mind to label your submissions properly.

4- Ratings may range from G to NC-17 as long as you label your fics properly. Please consult posting format.

4.1- Use the Posting Format below when submitting your works:

Subject line [Series] Fic Title [Genres]


[Genre/s + Theme/s]

5- You may post your entries here at the community or your journal (or website, if you have one), but please, PLEASE, place them behind an LJ-CUT, or provide a LINK to the entry. We don't want spamming everybody.

6- No bulk posts. Keep your fics at separate entries.

7- Use the TAGS when posting as much as possible. It's not necessary, but it helps narrow down searches more.

members section.

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